Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

There are two main benefits to improving energy efficiency in the home – financial and ecological – and we offer a number of renewable energy and fuel conservation services, including:

  • Solar Panels
  • Insulation
  • Boiler Upgrades
  • Replacement Windows

Financial Benefits

To make any energy efficiency project worthwhile, your initial outlay must be in proportion to how much money you can save in the future. We offer our services at competitive prices, and are happy to discuss cost versus benefit options for you to consider before you make your decision. This will include the expected timescale required for recouping costs.

Where long-term ownership of a property is envisaged, energy efficiency measures can be a significant investment. In addition, with energy and environmental impact ratings now mandatory on property particulars, greater energy efficiency can improve a property’s value and saleability.

Government incentive grants are currently available in some situations and can reduce the impact of installation costs. We can advise where to find information about these grants should you require assistance.

Ecological Benefits

Increasingly, the government is steering us towards greener and more fuel-efficient forms of energy. In order to do so, it will almost certainly continue to find ways to punish fuel guzzlers and reward fuel efficiency and use of renewable energy, essentially through taxation and subsidies.

When considering home improvement or a new build, it makes financial sense to include any energy saving schemes, or install energy saving products that are available, in order to protect yourself from future legislation and add value to your property.

Solar Panels


Government Cash Back Scheme

Currently, the government is encouraging installation of solar panels through its Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) – a cash back scheme for homeowners to encourage installation of this type of equipment. Dell is proud to be accredited as a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) installer. This confirms that we meet the strict criteria required, and are relevantly qualified, to recommend and install solar panels into properties. Our accreditation means that our customers qualify to reclaim a proportion of their costs through the RHI scheme.

How it Works

We advise on suitability of a property to the installation of solar panels, make the necessary calculations to find the optimum maximum area of solar panelling and what savings you could hope to make.

Solar energy projects can start large or small. You may opt to install a small area of paneling for experimental purposes to measure energy cost reduction before committing to greater outlay. However, the maximum cost savings are seen over time and increase with each additional panel.

Boiler Upgrades

Installers of the Highest Quality Worcester Bosch Boilers

We use our partner company Alford Heating to carry out all of our heating installations. They install Worcester boilers on our behalf and are Worcester Accredited Installers and are able to offer extended guarantees. Alford Heating are Gas Safe Registered installers.

Add Value to Your Home

The government cash-back scheme for G rated boilers has now ended, but with no end to fuel cost hikes in sight, it still makes economical and ecological sense to trade in an old, inefficient boiler for a new, A rated one. This will add value and saleability to your home, as well as assisting you to lower your energy consumption, and to decrease your carbon footprint.

Increase Efficiency, Reduce Bills

Often, boilers can be replaced with smaller products, so making space in your home. Wall mounted boilers are now available for most properties, and you may wish to consider whether this is an opportunity to reorganise your floor-plan. Certainly, should you be considering an extension, renovation or conversion, where possibly which will put additional strain on your current heating system to provide sufficient heat and water, designing in accommodation for a more energy efficient, compact boiler would bring organisational and cost advantages.

Maintenance Services

We are qualified to maintain and service boilers and heating systems, helping to keep them in tip-top condition, and to avoid premature problems – spotting issues before they cause unnecessary breakdowns. We recommend that your boiler is serviced in the early summer months to ensure any maintenance issues do not occur in the Autumn when your system is first switched on. This will ensure that you are not left without heat at a time when plumbers are traditionally very busy and the weather suddenly colder.


We install exceptional windows, designed using advanced features to ensure the best results, from energy ratings to style, without asking you to pay exceptional prices.

Style to Suit your Home

New windows can increase the value and saleability of your home in excess of the cost of installation. PVCu has developed rapidly over the years to become an attractive, sustainable material and it is maintenance free. So convinced are we that we offer a guarantee of a whopping 20 years.

It is important to ensure that window products are in keeping with the existing, or required, look of your property. Our range is diverse and we can supply many different styles, including authentic looking vertical sliders, casements or tilt and turn to suit your home. We offer a variety of timber effect foils as well as colour foils to provide additional authenticity and flexibility of styling for an individual look.

Sustainable and Energy Efficient

Achieving a high energy rating to comply with the government’s regulations, we use Duraflex products made from top quality PVCu.

PVCu has been awarded the Green Guide A rating which establishes it as a sustainable material. In addition, the gaskets are from Q-Lon – the best gaskets worldwide in terms of longevity and reduction of heat exchange, with a 99% recovery rate when released from the closed position.

Our windows are C rated for energy purposes, which in terms of cost/effectiveness ratio, is the most suitable rating for all, but the most exposed, positions in the UK.


We choose the Sac shootbolt system for windows which is especially designed for extra security and superb weather protection. There is an 8 point locking system, which has achieved the prestigious Secure by Design status, and tight seals to offer additional protection against the weather. The contemporary design of the locking parts does not detract from the look, as is the case with many other windows which can be let down by clunky, unattractive fittings.